Sponsorship and Online Events - How to get it right
Saturday 31st December 2016 12:30PM-1:30PM AEDT

Welcome to today's panel webcast. In this live event our panel of experts will take a look at how to approach potential sponsors and get the most out of your online event.

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Michael Bunker
Michael’s experience spans across the Technology sector through digital and communications. He has managed and executed digital media strategies to prominent Australian business focusing on webinars, webcasting, hybrid events, online video hosting and custom video portals.
Sara Gonzalez
Sara has over eight years’ experience within the online collaboration and managed events space. Her role as Marketing Manager at Redback has provided her with insights into the Australian Conferencing Landscape and how we can all connect, communicate and collaborate more effectively.
Kiran Jassi
Kiran is a highly motivated and effective operations specialist with close to 15 years’ experience in service delivery and staff leadership. His ability to develop and execute customer strategies with measurable success via in-depth knowledge of customer and internal capabilities.
Guy Freebody
Guy has years of extensive B2B sales leadership and is committed to promoting the Redback culture by ensuring that any new or existing relationships are treated as trusted partners and not just suppliers.
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