59th Annual General Meeting
This webcast was held on Thursday 23 November 2017
You are warmly welcomed to the 59th Annual General Meeting of the Australian Consumers' Association.  You will hear from the Chair and the CEO on the year's events, and the financial accounts will be presented. 
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Sandra Davey, CHOICE Chair 
Sandra Davey was appointed to the CHOICE Board in 2012 and as Chair in August 2017.  Sandra is an experienced digital and internet executive and is managing director of Product Space. Her love is helping organisations transform or streamline their digital product management practices to improve agility, innovation and customer satisfaction. Sandra’s strong tech and digital background and deep experience in product development has helped inform CHOICE’s current strategy which has led to new products such as the augmented reality app CluckAR and Do I Need Health Insurance?
Alan Kirkland, CHOICE CEO
Alan Kirkland has been CEO of CHOICE since 2012. Alan has a background in the justice system, having previously been CEO of Legal Aid New South Wales, Executive Director of the Australian Law Reform Commission and Chair of the National Legal Assistance Advisory Body. He has also been a part-time member of a number of state and federal tribunals.  Alan has a long-term interest in redressing socio-economic disadvantage, which he has pursued through voluntary roles with the Australian Council of Social Service, the Public Interest Advocacy Centre and the Welfare Rights Centre. 
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