Digital Inclusion, Health Literacy and MHR
What do challenges like digital inclusion and low health literacy mean for My Health Record?

To be able to effectively use My Health Record, a person must have a sufficient level of digital, data and health literacy. They also need to be able to access digital tools. Making a decision about whether or not you should have a My Health Record requires a person to make an assessment of their digital and health literacy, but it also raises important ethical questions about the merits of an opt-out model for the whole population.

In this webinar, we will discuss among other topics what skills are required to use My Health Record, the level of digital inclusion in Australia and discuss the ethics of the decision to opting people with low digital or health literacy into the My Health Record system.

Please ask any questions you have about this topic here and we will endeavour to cover the question during the webinar or in materials we publish afterwards:

This is the fifth in CHF’s series on My Health Record – more about the series can be found here:

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