Hoarding and Squalor – The Lived Experience
In this webcast you will learn how hoarding and squalor affects people’s lives, what language should be used when addressing someone affected by hoarding, the strategies that can be used to assist, and what professional help is available. You will hear one consumer’s journey of how she became aware of the impact of her hoarding, the support she has received, and how she is still dealing with her hoarding issue 12 years later. You will also hear from a Clinical Psychologist who runs a support group for people with hoarding issues, and from a consumer consultant and peer support worker who lives with someone affected by hoarding. The panel is facilitated by Dr Leanne Craze, a mental health and social policy consultant.
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Leanne Craze - Mental Health and Social Policy Consultant, & Company Director
Leanne, with a PhD (UNSW, Faculty Professional Studies), Graduate Diploma Science (Climate Change and Resource Management (UWS), and Bachelor Social Work Honours 1 (UNSW) has held academic positions in social work at the University of Western Sydney and the Australian Catholic University. Leanne has also held a number of senior positions including: Principal Researcher, Victorian Parliament Social Development Committee Inquiry into Mental Disturbance and Community Safety; Secretary, Joint Parliamentary Committee on the National Crime Authority, Australian Senate; and Senior Criminologist, Australian Institute of Criminology. Leanne has provided independent consultancy services since 1990 when she was the Secretary to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission’s Inquiry concerning the Human Rights of people with Mental Illness. The office of her company, Craze Lateral Solutions, is currently located in Glen Alpine in Sydney’s South West.
Douglas Holmes, Mental Health Advocate & Company Director
Douglas is a well-known and respected mental health advocate, consumer consultant and peer worker, based in Sydney and employed part-time by St Vincent’s Mental Health Services. Douglas, who is also currently providing independent consultancy services, has significant expertise and experience in working as a consumer consultant and peer worker in one of Australia’s busiest acute inpatient mental health services. Douglas has contributed to relevant research, policy development and service development at the local, state and national levels throughout the last 25 years. Douglas contributes a wealth of both personal and professional experience and knowledge to supporting the recovery of others as well as helping communities to be inclusive of diversity including people living with mental distress and disability. Douglas also successfully completed the Company Director's training of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.
Simone Isemann – Clinical Psychologist & Clinical Services Manager at Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury
Simone is a Clinical Psychologist who has Masters in both Clinical Psychology and Coaching Psychology. Simone is the Face-to- Face Clinical Services Manager at Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury. In addition to managing the service, Simone sees individual clients with a range of issues, including Hoarding Disorder and facilitates Lifeline H2H’s Hoarding Treatment Program. Simone has previously worked in private practice and has had various corporate roles in Leadership Development and Training.
Nicky Marshall – Coordinator/Trainer, Catholic Community Services
Nicky has worked at Catholic Community Services for over a year as a coordinator of specialised hoarding and squalor programs in both Western Sydney, and South Eastern Sydney. In these roles Nicky has provided both case management and hands-on support for clients affected by hoarding and/or living in squalor. Nicky also delivers training courses to service providers on the effective responses to utilise when working with individuals affected by hoarding and/or living in squalor.
Judy Nicholas – Mental Health Advocate & Speaker
Judy, is a nurse by training who generously commits her time to sharing from her personal experience of depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and problematic hoarding and of supporting close family members with mental illness. Judy speaks openly about her experience of hoarding – about what's been the hardest challenges along the road to recovery and what has and hasn't helped. She describes her struggles with hoarding as the hardest thing she has battled. Judy is also a member of the ARAFMI NSW Peak Advisory Committee as well as the inaugural Chair of the Collectives, the Personal Experience Leadership and Advisory Group of Project Uncover (Hoarding and Squalor Recovery in Parramatta Project).
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