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Webinar 1 - Improved modelling of wet scrubbers. This webinar was held on 22nd February 2017.
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During normal operations, sugar factories export electricity to the grid. Nearly all this exported electricity is produced by burning a renewable fuel, bagasse, a by-product of the sugar production process. As more electricity is exported from sugar factories, fossil fuel usage by traditional power generators decreases and greenhouse gas emissions reduce.

Recent record high levels of electricity export from sugar factories have corresponded to record low levels of dust emissions from sugar factory boilers. One of the main reasons for the reduced dust emissions is the increased use of wet scrubbers for removing dust from boiler flue gas.

While wet scrubbers are highly effective means of reducing dust emissions, they are prone to operational problems such as blockages and carryover. Both these problems can reduce boiler steam output and therefore the crushing rate of a sugar factory. In some cases crushing has to stop to address issues caused by wet scrubbers.

This webinar will summarise experimental and CFD modelling investigations of the flows in tangential entry centrifugal wet scrubbers. It will include experimental measurements, flow visualisation and CFD modelling results.This session will cover:
  • The operation of the test rig Flow visualisation experiments
  • Model enhancements
  • Proposed scrubber design changes
    •      CFD modelling of proposed design changes
    •      Implementation of proposed design changes on test rig scale model
For those with experience with wet scrubbers or other means of dust collecting equipment, this will be a forum to float ideas and discuss improvements to wet scrubber designs and operation.
Webinar 2 - Biorefineries for Profit – nutritious animal feeds from sugarcane bagasse. This webinar was held on 26th March 2017.
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Sugar farmers and millers will learn more about current projects to develop new product opportunities for the Australian sugar, cotton, forestry, and pork industries, with a focus on development of biorefineries based on sugarcane. In addition to diversifying revenue, these projects will create opportunities to reduce input costs in farming and processing. Through the Biorefineries for Profit project, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) researchers are developing technologies needed to convert sugarcane by-products and other agricultural feedstocks into new value-added animal feeds, advanced fuels, novel fibres, and nutritional products. This webinar will focus on technologies for the production of nutritious animal feeds from sugarcane bagasse and trash and potential new market opportunities. The Biorefineries for Profit project is supported by Sugar Research Australia through funding from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources as part of its Rural R&D for Profit programme.
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