International Women's Day Special Webcast
This webcast was held on Wednesday 8th March 2017

About the Webcast

The Federal government has introduced a new Omnibus Bill tying the much awaited Jobs for Families Childcare Package to cuts to Paid Parental Leave, Family Tax Benefits and other welfare payments. 

In this live webcast, we will discuss how the new laws will leave many women and their children worse off, and what they can do about it. 

Our panel will discuss: 

1. Why is it that other budget measures that will cost billions in lost revenue, like cutting income tax for people earning over $80,000 a year, don’t require finding savings elsewhere to pay for them? 

2. Family Tax Benefits for high income earners were cut last October – saving the government more than $3billion. The only families still receiving Family Tax Benefit A and/or B are on modest incomes. 

3. The World Health Organisation standard for mother and child well-being is 26 weeks of leave. However, what will Australian women have access to?

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