Welcome to the ACECQA National Workshop Webcast with National Education Leader Rhonda Livingstone.
Quality Area 1: Educational Program and Practice
The Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) created this webcast from the ACECQA National Workshop tour held in 2014/2015.

This webcast is an ideal resource for those who have attended a live workshop and wish to conduct their own session at their service. This tool can also be used by those who could not attend the workshops and would like an insight into the workshop structure with access to resources around Quality Area 1.

The webcast is approximately 15 minutes long and provides instruction on filling out the session templates and how you can access and download the required and supporting resources.

Please note, this resource aligns with the National Quality Standard and its application is dependent on your service, your families and your community. Reference to supporting bodies and literature may alter in time. Please contact your local regulatory authority should any supporting resources mentioned be unavailable to you. Log on to www.acecqa.gov.au to find your local regulatory authority details.

Please register to access the folder of resources and to launch the webcast.

In this webcast we will go through the following agenda:

•             Introducing ACECQA
•             Getting your team prepared
•             Learning outcomes
•             Working through templates 1-4
•             Action items
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