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Sourcing Safe Products, 12 May 2015, 12pm - 1pm AEST
Sourcing safe products is a responsibility that all suppliers must meet. This webinar is aimed at businesses that supply products within the Australian marketplace and want more information on their responsibilities when sourcing products for their consumers.

The webinar will inform suppliers about responsible sourcing of products. It will discuss the role of suppliers across the supply chain and explain the essentials of managing the product safety impacts throughout the life cycle of products.

In this webinar, Ruth Mackay, General Manager, Product Safety from the ACCC will explain the importance of responsible sourcing of safe products, how to do it, why you should and what happens if you don’t.

Guest speakers Daran Ponton, John McCosker and Ian Anderson will be presenting responsible sourcing concepts from an industry perspective including:

  • developing and implementing product guidelines
  • having quality assurance processes when sourcing across countries
  • dealing with overseas suppliers and testing requirements.
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You’ll also be able to ask the presenters questions via the webinar portal and via the ACCC Product Safety Twitter account @ACCCProdSafety using the hash tag #prodsafe.

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